Exception hierarchy

Exception classes

exception pglift.exceptions.Error(message: str)

Base class for operational error.

exception pglift.exceptions.SettingsError(message: str)

An error about settings.

exception pglift.exceptions.NotFound(name: str, hint: str | None = None)

Base class for errors when an object with name is not found.

abstract property object_type: str

Type of object that’s not found.

exception pglift.exceptions.InstanceNotFound(name: str, hint: str | None = None)

PostgreSQL instance not found or mis-configured.

exception pglift.exceptions.RoleNotFound(name: str, hint: str | None = None)

PostgreSQL role not found.

exception pglift.exceptions.DatabaseNotFound(name: str, hint: str | None = None)

PostgreSQL database not found.

exception pglift.exceptions.InvalidVersion(message: str)

Invalid PostgreSQL version.

exception pglift.exceptions.InstanceStateError(message: str)

Unexpected instance state.

exception pglift.exceptions.CommandError(returncode: int, cmd: Sequence[str], stdout: str | None = None, stderr: str | None = None)

Execution of a command, in a subprocess, failed.

exception pglift.exceptions.SystemError(message: str)

Error (unexpected state) on target system.

exception pglift.exceptions.FileExistsError(message: str)
exception pglift.exceptions.FileNotFoundError(message: str)
exception pglift.exceptions.ConfigurationError(path: Path, message: str)

A configuration entry is missing or invalid.


configuration file path

exception pglift.exceptions.DependencyError(message: str)

Requested operation failed to due some database dependency.