Configuration templates

Instance and satellite components configuration is built from site-wise configuration files.

These files are templates which means that values in curly braces {<placeholder>} are substituted by site settings values.

These templates can be overridden by providing them in either $PGLIFT_CONFIG_DIR, $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/pglift [1] or /etc/pglift (by order of precedence).

PostgreSQL templates

Since pglift is able to manage different versions of PostgreSQL, site administrators can install templates for PostgreSQL configuration files (postgresql.conf, pg_hba.conf, etc.) with a version path component. For example, if the file postgresql/16/postgresql.conf is found in site configuration directory and an instance with version 16 is being created, this file will be used as a template for initializing the postgresql.conf of this new instance. If, on the other hand, an instance with another version, say 14, is being created but no postgresql/14/postgresql.conf file is found in site configuration directory, the default postgresql/postgresql.conf template file (either found in site configuration or in pglift distribution) will be used.